Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas 2005

I almost lost complete sight of Christmas this year. For the few days leading up to the big day, I was very close to losing it... thinking about getting cards out, gifts bought and wrapped, the house organized, etc. My spirit was easily getting squashed when on Friday, I found out some friends of ours were going to shop for a family in town that needed some help. Rather than go last minute shopping for themselves, they wanted to stealthly drop a love gift off at this family's home so that THEY could go shopping for things they need. Suddenly, my attitude was turned around and everything changed. It's amazing how the commercialism and decentralization of Jesus can easily swallow us (or at least me) whole. These dear friends of ours have had quite a year in their own family. They have endured much anxiety, suffering and pain. However, they were able to step outside themselves and rather than spoil themselves because they felt they deserved it, took their resources and blessed another.

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