Friday, February 10, 2006


We do a date night switch every Thursday with our friends, the Ludwigs. It's been a great thing for our marriage to have 2 nights a month that we for sure get some time out alone, without having to pay a babysitter! Plus, our kids love Lily and Sofia and it's a fun little tradition they'll have growing up together.

So last night, after dinner, we stopped by a new coffee house in Lomita called Awakenings. This proprietors fine establishment are some friends of ours who actually pastor a church, Vineyard Xtreme . They have a great kid's room that takes up half the square footage, stocked with chalk board, coloring supplies and toys. They also have wi fi and around 7 computer terminals set up with free internet access.

The Olsons had a twin purpose in opening the coffee house, not just for business, but also to use as a means for building a church outward to the community. VX meets at Awakenings, has all their various meetings there. It is truely an innovative way of doing church. The VX community not only has church there on Sundays, but they also hang out there throughout the week. Awakenings feature artists and musicians that draw people from the community from all different backgrounds. Not only does it create an environment in the city that is peaceful, tranquil and family friendly, it also provides a place for someone who may be curious about Jesus but doesn't particulary have a desire to go to "church."

We talked a lot last night about the concept of making disciples and spurring others on in the Christian life. VX has a sense of burden for not just saving the lost, but for leading others on to the path of Jesus. Teaching people how to leave their idols and surrender their lives to follow Christ and hear God. There is also a strong sense of wanting to be among the people and bridging the gap between church and city. It seems like if you are part of the VX community... church is basically a conversation, or experience that takes place in a coffee house. It's pretty cool. If you are local, you should check out Awakenings. They make really good chai lattes.

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