Friday, April 21, 2006

5 years

Our oldest son Jason turned 5 last week. It's so strange how suddenly he seems and looks so much older! I'm doing much better now but have to say I was experiencing a mild depression over the whole thing. The last 5 years have gone so quickly and in the Fall he'll be going off to kindergarten... all day... 5 days a week. I'm sure I will get over it, but in the mean time have felt a sense of urgency to soak in every moment possible.

The party we had for him was super fun. We did a military theme and had a special appearance by our friend, Captain Clay Humphreys (Thanks Clay!). He was definitly the highlight, especially when the rain thwarted our plans for an obstacle course in the back yard. The rain broke just in time for the good Captain to run drills with the boys & Lily until they were worn out in time for cake and ice cream.

The night of Jason's birthday, we stayed up late watching Star Wars: A New Hope. Until his birthday, Star Wars was Jason's favorite movie he'd never seen. Finally after much anticipation, a promise was fulfilled and Jason was allowed to watch it on his fifth birthday. Through out the past week, he's been taking in the trilogy in stages and has been able to validate that Darth Vader is indeed, his favorite bad guy.

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